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 Do you actively monitor and manage your network 24/7?

Yes we do. We monitor our network on site and remotely on a constantly… if something happens to your site or our servers we will know about it immediately.

 Account basics

Thank you for joining Hawkesbury Websites.We’ll explain some basic procedures and steps to use your account.Username and Passwords:These are stated in the email you received with your account activation. They’re used to access your FTP...

 Can I connect remotely to MySQL database?

Yes! it is possible. For this you have to allow remote access from your control panel, by adding your IP to the access hosts in mysql screen there. If you do not have a fixed IP at your end you can use % as wild card and allow remote...

 Do I need to transfer my domain name to you if I sign up for your hosting services?

You are not obligated to transfer your domain name to us if you choose our hosting services. You only need to update the nameservers listed for your domain name at your current domain registrar. We will provide you with the appropriate...

 Where do I upload my website files?

Your account has both non-web accessible space and of course your web accessible space. Your user home directory , /home/USERNAME , contains many files used to operate your website. You can create new folders here to store data or...